We are White Pampas, nice to meet you.

We created White Pampas between the province of Treviso and Venice, a Luxury Bridal Beauty Team totally made in Italy. We’re here to create the best version of every bride!

Communication, organization and beauty technicals are the foundations for the best results.

We’ll immediately create a relationship of total freedom of expression, without doubts, uncertainties and dramas on the day of your Yes.
Our Bride to be for us is very important and that is why we offer a 360 degree service. The moment of preparation will be one of the most exciting moments and for us it is fundamental that you live it serenely to have wonderful memories.

We believe that beauty resides in each of us, we must know how to enhance it with the choice of the right mood and the right products.
We are here for this, to take you by the hand and give you a real experience. Do you want to be an unforgettable bride?

Yes, I DO!

Who’s behind White Pampas?

Lucrezia, Make Up Artist

NAME:  Lucrezia

PROFESSION: Make Up Artist

STRONG POINTS: Lightness and resistance. My make-up are strong beyond imagination, but they are so light that you don’t feel them!

NEVER WITHOUT: Mascara e eye brows gel!

I HATE: the thick bases and the gradient made badly! But I could say many other things ;P

MY MOTTO: Don’t worry, be Happy! Everything is gonna be alright!

NAME:  Giulia

PROFESSION: Hair Stylist

STRONG POINTS: Perfect waves that last for hours and hours and hours. Hairstyles that are not scaffolding!

NEVER WITHOUT: the wooden comb.

I HATE: the tight curls and hair colors made bad! I created a clean line of Hair Care, so I’m very fussy about hair care 😛

MY MOTTO: Getting lost is never a waste of time.

Giulia, Hair Stylist