Our advice is FREE! With it we will give you all the possible tips to help you in choosing your look for the event you have planned, be it a party, a ceremony or your wedding.
The consultation will be on video call lasting approximately 30 minutes.

We will accompany you towards the choice of an even more beautiful YOU and above all that will make you feel yourself.

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Bridal Service

For your big day we want to give you the best! You can choose the solution that will make you feel comfortable. We will assist you in choosing your look, but also in preparing skin and hair for that day.
Hair & Make up are done in a very delicate moment and that is why we want you to feel comfortable and in harmony with us.

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Glitter Bar

The Glitter Bar is our proposal to give an added and sparkling value to your party! We will decorate your guests with precious Glitter, rhinestones and gold leaf! You will give a turn to the evening and your guests will love the change look! You will have fantastic and original photos, but above all bright memories.

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Whether it’s a lookbook or a campaign or editorial shoot, make up and hair styling should not be underestimated.
They will make everything more professional, adequate and high quality. We are not for the DIY, each has its role and needless to say that what makes the beauty goes to close the result in beauty.
We are here for that too. If you have an atelier or are taking services with model, you are in the right place. The White Pampas have also worked in fashion and are super on the piece 😉

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